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The Truth About Show Quality 

Like the old saying about beauty, show quality is truly in the eye of the beholder.   Basically, any Boston can be shown, but the big question is, can that Boston compete, and have a chance to win?  If your Boston is healthy, you have the correct paperwork,  and you pay the entry fee, there isn't a show around that will turn down your right to show your Boston, regardless of its quality.   So, show quality can be a real misnomer.  
If your Boston can't really compete with the others in its breed or in its division, then it isn't a show quality dog.
Boston's from champion show parents can yield a champion, but can also yield mediocre offspring.  And Boston's can't be evaluated for show quality until they are at least 6-10 months or even older old in my experience , in some lines that a breeder has been working on for years  their is a better chance for spotting a show quality puppy early on.  Still things can go off before he is on his way to being a show dog.   
If all champions created champion offspring, then Secretariat would not be a one-in-a-million horse, and champion show dogs would be a dime a dozen.  Olympic athletes would all have athletic, record-breaking children, and all movie stars' kids would be gorgeous.   Genetics is a lot more complicated than that.   It takes lots of work to create a champion and then even more work to pair that champion with another that will improve it even further.  And even when you have that "magic" breeding, all the offspring will not be champions.  
So, what does that mean to you?  If you want a "show quality" Boston  that can compete as well as be entered in a show - make sure that the breeder you purchase from actually shows his or her Boston's or has competed enough in the past to have an understanding of what constitutes a competitive show quality Dog.    If you are buying a puppy understand that although they may have show quality parents, that does not guarantee you show quality offspring.    
Read and understand the Standard of Perfection for your breed, and know what you like.    In any show quality animal, there is variance in appearance, and certain attributes appeal to different people.  Know the appearance that you like most, and find the breeder that breeds closest to what you like best.  That will guarantee that, win or lose, you will be happy with the appearance of your Boston and it will add much to your enjoyment!     
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