Born   12-3-2006
Photo Taken March 27, 2008
Please forgive the mud on his nose as he had just come out of his hole digging!
15 months.....
We are now out to the shows!  WD, BOW for two points Judge, Mr. Cunningham.  WD for two Points, Judge, Walter Pinsker. A big thank you to our handler Tiffany Skinner for a wonderful handling job. August 30, 31, 2008 Longview-Kelso Kennel Club.  We are now just serching for the majors, point out in three shows.

3 days in a row. !
RWD to the Major at Carson City, Bonanza KC...September 27,08.Thank you Tiffany Skinner for a job well done.
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T-Bo's Fully Loaded II
Taken March 2010
Herbie kids........
Herbie as a baby..
March 4 2011
Patella's OFA on 6/18/ 2011  Normal